Save time and money with a washer and dryer in 2017!

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washer and dryer comboNearly all of us have lost a Sunday afternoon in the laundromat washing and drying clothes, or finishing a load of towels before company arrives when your old washer finally breaks down at the worst possible time. When that happens, we’re very thankful the laundromat exists. But we all have to admit that waiting in line to pay a quarter for 12 minutes on an open dryer isn’t all that pleasant of an experience. The laundromat experience leaves many of us wishing we could put together our own laundry facility with an affordable Amana washer and dryer combo.

Hauling laundry from your hamper to a laundromat that is anywhere from one block to several miles from your home will always be labor intensive and time consuming. But the bother isn’t the hassle, there are several reasons to find a way to do your laundry at home.

The laundromat is expensive:

If you are doing wash for one, a trip to the laundromat will last about two hours every two weeks and not feel like it’s all that much of an investment. The problem is most of us are doing wash for more than one, and this means more than a single machine and a lot more time spent away from home. A site called The Simple Dollar estimated that the average family will haul eight loads to the laundromat and between travel expense, washer expense, dryer expense and a small soap budget, will spend an average of $3.12 per load. Now imagine if your neighborhood laundromat maintains inefficient dryers, that cost per load can jump relatively quickly. Those of us who are able to do laundry at home don’t have to concern ourselves with inefficient machines and have only energy costs, water costs and detergent costs, spend an average of about $1.00 per load. If you’re doing multiple loads per week you could instead be redirecting that cash toward a new Buddy’s Home Furnishings agreement.

Time is a precious commodity:

As was mentioned above, all attempts to finish your laundry for a week require that you schedule time away from home to do laundry. Then it’s possible you’ll have wait for a machine. What you had hoped would prove to be a speedy two hour trip can quickly turn into a lost night.

With your own washer and dryer, you could have a load in progress while you spend time helping your kids with homework or getting dinner started. You have to admit it’s so hard to sit in the laundromat when you know there’s people you love waiting for you at your home.

Washers and dryers that are always being used get dirty:

When you rely on the public washers and dryers found in a laundromat, it isn’t unheard of for laundry to always be mid-cycle, even as early as 6AM. Machines will get a quick wipe-down by attendants, but that’s usually after hours. This means that during an average day, all machines are run non-stop and you won’t even know the number of people who’ve used that unit before you. Your personal laundry, the uniform your son wears to school and your towels, are all exposed to dirt, grime and bacteria from people you don’t know.

If you have an Amana washer at home you have the luxury of first knowing where the grime originate, and cleaning the unit at least two to three times a year with a mix of one quart white vinegar and a cup of baking soda. Tools used in cleaning are no more complicated than a toothbrush and a microfiber rag.

The purchase of a washer and dryer combo from Buddy’s Home Furnishings clearly makes sense for a family or individual who would like to make the most of their money, time and health. Drop-in at your local Buddy’s Home Furnishings to find out about special Black Friday and holiday pricing. We’ll even offer all first time customers a guaranteed in-store credit of up to $3,000 to help you bring home both today!

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