Save Money, Invest in a Freezer Chest

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For larger families, or households that do a lot of cooking, investing in a standalone freezer chest can be a great way to save money on groceries. The small freezers built into most refrigerators just won’t cut it for things like buying in bulk or storing leftovers. Here are some of the great advantages of having more freezer space:rent to own freezer

Cook for a week, or even a month

Meal prep, which is the idea of buying all of the ingredients for your meals for the week or month, and preparing the food in advance, is something that is difficult to accomplish without proper freezer space. With a freezer chest, you can take the stress out of preparing meals every night. Instead, prepare all of your meals in one day, freeze them, and reheat them when needed.

Take advantage of bulk deals

Wholesale stores like Sam’s Club or Costco offer better prices per unit than a traditional grocery store, but if your family doesn’t consume a huge amount of an item at once, you’ll need to freeze it to prevent it from being wasted. Use what you need at the time, and pop the rest in the freezer until next time.

Preserve non-food items

One of the best ways to preserve a scented candle until you’re ready to use it, is to keep it frozen. Keeping it cold helps preserve the wax as well as keep the scent nice and strong. So stock up on those balsam scented candles now, and freeze them until the holidays!

If you’ve decided you need to add more freezer space to your home, stop in at a Buddy’s location to see our wide variety of freezer chest options. Give us a call today at 1-866-779-5058 with any questions.

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