RTO Sectionals-Add Versatility to Your Living Room

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A sectional sofa can be a great way to add more seating to your home’s living room. Sectionals are traditionally modular, rent to own sectionalsmeaning they can be taken apart and arranged in different ways to fit your particular space, or are L-shaped which is great for fitting in a corner, giving you the maximum amount of space in your living room.

Sectionals add versatility in a variety of ways. The great thing about them is that there is no specific way they have to be set up, they can be totally customized to fit your home, and your lounging habits. Here is a list of a few ways in which a sectional may work best for you:

  • If your living room is on the smaller size, a sectional is a good way to maximize the space you do have. Many sectionals have reclining sections that work separately from the rest of the sofa, and have sections that can be easily moved to accommodate guests, or for lounging.
  • Sectionals are available in many shapes, from L-shapes to U-shapes and semi-circles which help them fit in tighter spaces that a standard sofa would not normally fit. They help to open up the middle of the living room, giving a more spacious feel.
  • They’re great for hosting parties! Sectionals can be rearranged to make room for guests and visitors. You can even arrange them to face each other to help guests mingle during parties or gatherings.
  • If you like to change up the look of your living room often, a sectional can be a great asset. Since they are easily taken apart and rearranged, they can be moved around easily to suit any décor. Also, if you find yourself moving into a new home, they are easier to move because they come apart into small pieces.

Sectionals are something to consider when shopping for a new sofa. The versatility they offer for lounging, throwing parties, and fitting in smaller spaces makes them a great option for many people. Here at Buddy’s we offer a full range of sectional’s to fit any budget or home décor. Give us a call at 1-866-779-5058 with any questions you have.

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