Renting Furniture? How to create a style in your home: The 1-2-3 Guide

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Just like the clothes you wear and the way you way your hair, your home is a reflection of you and your style. When guests arrive at your home, what does it tell them about you? What words would come to mind upon first stepping into the door of your home? Is it bright and cheery or soft and welcoming? Is the decor eclectic and modern, or elegant and traditional? Is there a feeling of calm and restfulness or is there a sense of energy and motion? In short, is your home sending the right message, and is it a true reflection of you and your style?

Unfortunately for many of us, many times the answer is a resounding NO. Sometimes, through chance or happenstance, we acquire furniture we wouldn’t necessarily choose on our own. We inherit Aunt Millie’s couch or find an incredible deal at a yard sale. Sometimes, because of this, we find yourself with a collection of odds and ends when it comes to our furnishings. It can sneak up on you! Take a good look around your home today. Do your pieces tie together well, and is the message cohesive? More importantly, is it YOU?

Redecorating can be a daunting task. What can you do if one day you glance around your home and notice that the traditional coffee table is clashing with the modern end tables, and that your wrap around, microfiber couch has absolutely nothing to tie it in with your antique club chair?

If you have decided that your home is not making the sort of statement that you want it to, here is an easy 1-2-3 Guide to making the right sort of statement with your home furnishings. This guide will make the experience quick, painless, and oh-so-gratifying.

Step 1 – Purge! Choose a time when you have the weekend free, and no huge stresses to deal with. Time to plan a yard sale, advertise on craigslist or haul stuff out to the curb. Here is the rule of thumb: If it isn’t to your taste, if it is dirty, worn, stained, and tired, if it doesn’t match your home or your style, get rid of it! Empty that space and clear it up for the NEW furniture you will soon have in place. Aunt Millie’s couch, that yard sale dining set, the mish mash of end tables, entertainment centers, and throw rugs, get them all out the door. By the end of Step 1 you will have a lot of empty space, nowhere to sit, and a nice pile of money in your hand.

But wait! Perhaps you are saying to yourself you can’t possibly furnish a home with the couple of hundred dollars you find in your pocket. Perhaps you are wondering why you are following the advice of someone who just urged you to get rid of all of your belongings! Don’t fret, just move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Rent Furniture! That is right, this is the perfect time to leverage the benefits of rent to own furniture. When you rent your furniture you can make all the choices in couches, recliners, dining sets, electronics, and accessories that you want, and have them delivered right away! At Buddy’s Home Furnishings, almost everyone is immediately approved for up to $2000 of credit. And, a Buddy’s Associate will work with you to establish a budget and help you decide what payment plan will be comfortable. Then the fun begins! Imagine creating your rooms from the ground up. Choose all the furniture styles that you love, choose the colors and designs that make you happiest and that reflect the real you! Renting your furniture will open up the door to exploring your style and turning your house into the comfortable home you have dreamed of. This is where the fun really starts, so make sure you enjoy Step 2! TIP: If time is of the essence or if you prefer to browse all the available furniture to rent beforehand, just visit

Once you make your selections, your furniture, appliances, electronics and even computer systems will be delivered to your home. Thank goodness you cleared out space in Step 1 to accommodate all of it! Renting furniture is a smart choice, and an affordable choice. How else could you furnish an entire home exactly as you would like and stick to your budget?

Step 3 – Enjoy your stylish new home! Yes, that is right, now that the furniture has been delivered, arrange it as you prefer, sit down, and relax. Oh come on, you know you want to! What’s that? OK, just one more time, go out the front door and walk in, imagining for just a minute that you are a first time visitor. What does your home say about you now? That’s right! Stylish, smart, and on top of your game.

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