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Kid’s Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen

Many families are moving towards making the holidays more meaningful, and would like to incorporate ideas for homemade gifts into their holiday traditions. Homemade gifts are always appreciated. Gifts from the kitchen doubly so, as they are not only heartfelt they are delicious!

But, how can the younger members of the family participate in food gifts from the kitchen? Aren’t they too young to cook properly? Not at all! There are plenty of food gifts from the kitchen that really require very little actual stove top cooking, that your children can prepare with a little assistance, at the kitchen table or dining room table. Some food gifts are made in the microwave and some require only a refrigerator or freezer to make.

Use the computer and search for gift ideas using search parameters like “no cook holiday treats” and “microwave christmas candy”. Also keep an eye on the magazines at the supermarket check out at this time of year, many family magazines feature articles with fun and easy recipe ideas. Here are a few ultra simple ideas for the youngest family members to try. Make sure to put aprons on everyone, and lay a plastic cloth on the dining table or kitchen table before you begin!

EASIEST – “Homemade” Christmas Cookies: Buy prepared plain, sugar cookies at the local super market. These can be from the market bakery or from the packaged cookie aisle. Buy a can of frosting and one or two packages of colored sprinkles and sugars, and let the kids decorate. Show them to spread a thin layer of frosting and shake on sugars and sprinkles, and to let them dry on a cookie sheet. Once dry, arrange several cookies on holiday-themed disposable plates or plastic containers, and hand out to neighbors and family.

INTERMEDIATE (Requires adult supervision) – Peppermint Pretzel Rods: Using a hammer, crush a package of candy canes in a large ziplock bag. Don’t tap too hard, as you will break through the plastic. Pour crushed canes onto a plastic dish or shallow container. Melt white chocolate bark in the microwave or range, following instructions. Dip pretzel rods into the melted white chocolate, leaving about 2 inches bare on the end, to hold on to, and letting excess drip off. Be careful! The melted chocolate is hot! Then roll in the candy cane bits. Lay the rods on waxed paper to dry. Give these pretty and tasty gifts in treat bags with a ribbon around them.

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