Rental Furniture – Decorating: Mixing Old and Treasured with New

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A current trend we are seeing in decorating is truly a blessing for the many families who own treasured keepsakes and passed down furniture. Many times, we love these familial pieces yet they can be challenging to work into your decor. Now, however, a mashup of old and new is in, and with a few savvy tricks, almost any item can be repurposed to fit in in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Let’s start in the Dining Room. Of course, the dining table is the focal point of most living rooms. Perhaps your style is contemporary and you have chosen a table that is black glass topped with sleek brushed aluminum legs. You might think that your only choice is to carry that look through with metal chairs and an ultra modern china cabinet to match.

How about this idea: use the mis-matched chairs you already own, passed down from generations, and currently taking up space in the garage. If you are short a few, find more at garage sales and 2nd hand shops. Don’t pay much attention to their finish, concentrate on the design, comfort, and sturdiness of each chair. Now, refinish all 4, 6, or 8 chairs in the same finish. Take your time to sand and prepare the chairs properly first, then try a high gloss enamel in white, or add a jolt of color with lime green or red! Using the same color ties together the assorted designs, while using high gloss imparts a modern feel to match the table.

The same approach works great with china, serving dishes and glasses. Tie together your mismatched pieces with one consistent item for display. For instance, a row of mismatched bowls on the top shelf of your china cabinet suddenly make a focal point statement when pulled together via a handful of red flowers in each one. Don’t be afraid to utilize artificial blooms, they are affordable and they last!

In the living room, a similar technique can be used to pull together that beloved end table from Grandma’s attic with the comfortable couch and glass coffee table you have recently purchased or leased. Don’t be afraid to mix dark wood with light, modern with old. SImply find a unifying accessory. Something as simple as blue pillows on the couch along with blue candles on the end table and Coffee Table can make it all work.

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