Rental furniture and Holiday Brunch Ideas at the Dinner Tanle

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Holiday Brunch Ideas

December is a month rich in various religious holidays, and for that reason it is a month full of family celebrations. Hanukkah usually begins in December (although it can fall in November), Christmas is on December 25th, and Kwanzaa begins on December 26th. All of these holidays involve celebrating with family and friends and often center around shared meals.

This year, as your family celebrates the holidays that are meaningful to them, consider gathering for a family brunch. Brunch is a bit more casual than a dinner might be, and menu options are rich and varied.

Holidays are special times, and full of tradition. But, it’s OK to introduce new traditions to your family’s retinue. Try brunch this year! It’s a crowd pleaser and easy on the host as well, not only is it more economical than many holiday dinners will be, but most brunch recipes are easy to prepare and can even be made ahead.

Consider inviting the family over to gather around the dining room table and enjoy a meal of baked quiches, fresh fruit salad, and other assorted breakfast fare. Quiches can be made ahead then popped in the oven to bake early, and allowed to cool to room temperature. How about adding some pastries that can be quickly warmed in the microwave? And, of course, a pot of hot coffee, tea, or perhaps hot chocolate will add a festive touch.

If sitting at the kitchen table or dining room table seems still too formal, your family and guests can have a picnic-style brunch in the family room, using the coffee table as the gathering place. When dining in the living room furniture, it’s best to keep things simple and easy to manage by planning ahead and serving foods that don’t take elaborate utensils to eat. Light a fire in the fireplace, put some holiday music or other enjoyable tunes on the sound system, and enjoy the ambience of family together.

If your guests have time for a longer get together, then after brunch, it can be fun to play some family oriented video games together on that new gaming console, such as a dance game or a team sport game. Or, watch a holiday favorite movie on television together. Sometimes a simple thing like watching the same movie year after year becomes one of the most treasured holiday traditions. However you choose to celebrate together, enjoy your family and friends this holiday season.

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