Rental Furniture – A Couch is a Couch… or is it?

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A Couch is a Couch… or is it?

Do any of you have particularly fond memories of a certain piece of furniture? Perhaps that ratty old garage sale couch you furnished your very first college place with? Or how about your dad’s big, leather recliner when you were a kid? What was better than curling up in the recliner with a good book, nestled into the just right nook.

Sometimes we hang onto furniture long beyond what is reasonable, just because of sentimental value. Many of us might still be sleeping in a bed we hauled off from home when we first moved away from our family. It is comforting somehow, to crawl into that same bed that has been nestling you to sleep since you were a child.

How about that old armchair in the family room you just can’t bear to part with? Maybe your grandmother proudly gave it to you oh so many years ago. By now, it’s been through the college years, the young adult years, the baby years, and it’s still going strong. The cloth is no longer lustrous and the shape is no longer quite so straight, in fact it lists to the side just a tad. But it reminds us of Gram, and that is worth something.

The problem with this decorating style is often, we become blind to how it really looks. It “feels” good to us… but frankly, these sentimental pieces are rarely making a positive statement about your decorating style.

Take a good look around your family room. Does your coffee table feature original carvings from your childhood? Does the entertainment center housing your flat screen television and sound system look like it came across on the Mayflower? Be honest – and if you fnd that your home is comfortable and soothing, but really not offering any elements of style, perhaps it’s time for a change.

It can be daunting to give up those cherished pieces and fully refurnish your home but the mental boost of energy can be phenomenal. Consider donating those old pieces to a local charity, or move them to the man-cave in the garage. And have a little fun furnishing your place in a way that truly reflects your style! A handsome coffee table, wrap around couch, comfortable recliner, and a couple end tables are all it takes to totally transform your family room into a statement about who you are today, not who you were 20 years ago!

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