Rent to own washer and dryers! (Laundry Day)

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Laundry – that ever growing pile of dirty clothing and linens. Is doing the laundry a real “chore” for you? Do you put it off until the pile has become a looming mountain? Laundry doesn’t have to be a chore, if you have a Washer and dryer installed in your home or apartment, it’s easy to fit laundry duty into your day and stay on top of the situation with just a little planning and organization. There is never need for a huge pile of dirty clothes to pile up!

Start your laundry overhaul by making sure you have the proper supplies in place. Of course, a clean and efficient washer and dryer set are essential to successfully mastering your laundry situation. Is your laundry room clean and organized? Do you have a shelf or cupboard for your laundry supplies? If not, a shelf is easy and inexpensive to install. Being able to walk into your laundry area and quickly and easily grab the supplies you need helps you work efficiently.

Most of us know how to do the actual laundry itself. As a general rule, wash darks and brights together, using cold water. There are specialized detergents and fabric softeners on the market that are designed to help darks and brights retain their color intensity, if you so desire. Whites and lights should be washed together and can safely be washed with warm water. Hot is great to use for a load of only whites, as it will clean the very best. Bleach, bleach alternative, or another brightening product can be used in these loads.

Today’s dryers are much easier on clothes than older models were. Also, dryers in the home are usually a lot easier on clothes than the commercial dryers found in laundrymats. Use the appropriate setting for the load you are drying. Over-drying will damage the fibers in clothing and shorten their lifespan. Even though you can dry undergarments and blouses, for maximum lifespan you might want to consider a drying rack for these items.

Keep your ironing chores to a minimum by promptly hanging up and folding items when the cycle ends. An average load of laundry can be washed, dryed and folded in about an hour and a half. Of course, when you have a washer and Dryer in your home, you are free to do other things while the clothes wash and dry, so this isn’t really an hour and a half of your time. For example, if you were to throw a load of clothes in to wash just before you prepared dinner, then toss it in to dry before sitting down at the table to eat, by the time you have washed up the dishes you will be able to fold and hang up your clothing and have the rest of the evening free to relax.

Laundry doesn’t need to be a dreaded chore. Put a little thought into organizing your laundry space, don’t let things pile up, and enjoy yourself!

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