Rent to own washer and dryers – Where Did that Sock Go? And Other Such Mysteries

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Where Did that Sock Go? And Other Such Mysteries

You know how you gather the dirty clothing, then pop the clothes into the washer, and then follow up by popping the laundry into the dryer? You know how you then toss the nice warm, dry clothing into a basket and sit on the couch in the living room, folding up t-shirts and socks while you watch your favorite shows? Yes, we have almost all been there. So here is the famous question none of us have an answer for – Where in the world do those stray socks go? How does a lone sock go missing, and never, ever reappear in this lifetime?

This is a question that has nagged those of us running households for ages, and a question that isn’t likely to be answered anytime soon. Some of us choose to believe that the dryer or the washing machine ate the sock. But, this is actually not likely. If you speak to a washing machine service technician, they will tell you that actually there are not a lot of cases of sock eating washers or dryers out there. Some others feel that the socks mysteriously walk away on their own. Again, highly unlikely. There is absolutely NO proof that any sock has ever developed the ability to walk on its own. The sad truth is, we have landed on Mars, we have split atoms, and we have replicated DNA, but we have not unraveled the mystery of the missing sock. It may haunt mankind until the end of time.

What other such mysteries haunt us? How about this one? Where does that last cookie go? The one we just know is out there in the kitchen waiting for us? We know very well it was on the counter right beside the dishwasher. And we go to the kitchen, thinking of nothing more than a cold glass of milk from the refrigerator and that lone, last cookie. Yet, suddenly, it has mysteriously disappeared! After questioning everyone in the family, nobody knows a thing. The mystery is indeed very deep.

Now, that little mystery might have a more mundane explanation, if we really delve into it. Perhaps nobody is confessing, but chances are, somebody in the family knows perfectly well where that last cookie went, even if that somebody is Peaches, the family pooch.

Here is one more mystery we might find ourselves pondering at this time of year. How in the world did we gain five pounds! How could this have happened? Oh dear, this mystery is the easiest to solve of all, of course. We spent too much time enjoying the holidays. Luckily, its the mystery we can most easily fix too. Just push away from the dining room table and get off the couch a bit more. Spend just a little less time watching that new television that Santa brought and put a little bit more energy into those video games you received under the Christmas tree. Soon those holiday pounds will be a thing of the past, and that will be one mystery you can consider solved.

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