Rent to Own Video Gaming Console – Workout Resolutions for 2014

Dec 27, 2013 Comments Off on Rent to Own Video Gaming Console – Workout Resolutions for 2014 by

Are you already planning to jump on the exercise fast track in January? A lot of us enjoy the holidays without restraint, eating our fill at the holiday table and enjoying holiday parties to their utmost, knowing that the beginning of a new year will mean a new fitness plan. One great way to get your daily fitness in these days is to take advantage of home exercise programs on video gaming consoles. Fitness packaged as video games has come a very long ways over the past several years.

Bottom line, with the great interfaces available now on video gaming consoles there is no reason that new flat screen television you got for Christmas can’t also be your very own personal trainer. Now all the excuses about work schedules or lack of a babysitter don’t matter – anytime you can turn on a video game and a television, you can work out. Maybe you need to push back the coffee table or the sofa a bit to make some space before you get started, but that is really the only limitation.

A few of the best rated workout games for gaming consoles are Get Fit with Mel B, Zumba, UFC Personal Trainer, and Just Dance 3 for Playstation 2 and Kinect Sports Rivals, Zumba Fitness World Party and Just Dance 4 on XBox. Also, XBox has just released a subscription based fitness program that is on demand, with Jillian Michaels and P90X included as selections.

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