Rent to Own – Vacation Rental Property Strategies for Spring Break

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With spring break approaching, if you own a home that you have invested in as a vacation rental, now would be the time to prepare your home for renters. Hotels can become scarce in popular tourist spots during the month of March. It is a prime time of year to get your rental show-ready to rent out by the day or the week! If your rental is not furnished, you may want to consider some particular items. Kitchen appliances such as a refrigerator, a dishwasher and a blender are perks when vacationing with friends or family for spring break. Other items to consider would be a kitchen table and chairs and of course, a good sized, large flat screen television!

This may require a small investment from you but would maximize your renting abilities if you have a vacant house that needs to be filled. Consider rental furnishings, then if you have off-season renters or a long-term tenant who has furniture of their own you won’t need to worry about storing the items.

Advertise your home as an exceptional one, standing out from the rest because it is ready to go and includes all of the spring break essentials! If someone knows they can whip up some margaritas and kick their feet up and lay back on a comfortable recliner  as soon as they walk in the door, that maximizes the renting potential.

A quick and inexpensive cleaning service would be good to have on hand to turn the rental over fast for the next family or group of spring breakers. A weekly renting option turns your home into an effective return on investment. Get started now! People are looking for rentals in fun vacation towns and destinations!

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