Rent to Own that New Gaming System

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Gaming systems can be a very expensive item. New systems such as the Xbox One or Playstation 4 can cost upwards of $400 new, and that’s before you buy any games or controllers! New gaming systems are being released every few years, and not rent to own gaming systemeverybody can afford to spend that much at one time. When new games are released, everybody wants to be the first to play them, which makes rent to own a great option.

Renting a gaming system allows you to get the newest technology when it comes out, without having to pay hundreds at one time. Rent to own allows you to play your new gaming system while you pay for it, instead of having to wait weeks or months to save enough to pay all at once, keeping you on the cutting edge of the newest and coolest games.

You can even rent more than one system at a time, giving you access to the exclusive games that each gaming system has to offer, without breaking the bank. Starting at just $14.99 per week, you can take some cutting edge gaming technology home to enjoy, so for less than $30 per week you can enjoy two systems, and their exclusive content today! Try each system and see what you like, all without being tied down.

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