Rent To Own Televisions – Halloween Scary Movie Night!

Oct 27, 2013 Comments Off on Rent To Own Televisions – Halloween Scary Movie Night! by

Are you and your friends and family ready for Halloween? It’s such a fun holiday for so many, with treats and costumes for both young and old. Looking for additional ways to celebrate the season? It’s a great time of year for a Scary Movie night at your house! Even for families with younger kids, there are some great Halloween and scary-themed movies to choose from that are age-appropriate and oh-so-much fun.

For scary movie night, you can keep it simple with just the family or you can invite a few friends over. Either way you will want to get the popcorn into the microwave and perhaps conjure up a few other snacks and some drinks. You can set out popcorn with individual bowls for each guest as well as any other snacks and drinks you choose. Then, adjust the lighting in your family room and get the draperies or blinds closed for optimal movie viewing on the television. Do any final adjustments to the DVD player and sound system for sound and performance, and make sure your sofa and chairs are in good viewing positions and close to the coffee table where you can all reach your snacks and drinks.

There are tons of horror movies to choose from on DVD, including many new releases as well as the classics. Looking for age-appropriate choices for the younger set? Hocus Pocus and Escape to Witch Mountain are two oldies but goodies. Casper and Monsters Inc are appropriate for even younger children who may be sensitive.

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