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Morning Chaos – Getting Out the Door

School has started, and so has the daily mad dash out the door. It can really be challenging to get the entire family dressed, groomed, fed, and ready for the day on time. A well organized system and teamwork can make all the difference in the world.

First, have all outfits planned the day ahead. If you are lucky enough to have children that wear school uniforms, you are halfway there. If not, make sure that all the children have a variety of clean, folded clothes, tops and bottoms, that they can mix and match. If they are old enough to dress themselves, let them! For the adults, I suggest a similar plan of mix and match separates. Even though it takes time initially, organizing your closet well will pay for itself in time-savings down the road.

Streamlining is the way to go when it comes to morning hygiene. Some older teens may insist on showering in the morning. If so, their obligation is to get up early enough to accomplish that.
The younger children should have easy hair styles and have a plan of who gets to occupy the bathroom first, second, and so on.

Utilizing your microwave in the morning can be extremely helpful when it comes to everyone having a nutritious breakfast. Did you know scrambled eggs cook quickly and come out great in the microwave? Keep some frozen waffles in the freezer. A waffle spread with peanut butter is a good energy boosting breakfast. If all else fails and the schedule has fallen behind, grab corn dogs from the freezer. Although not the ideal nutrition, a corn dog can be eaten in the vehicle easily, and will provide your family with something in their stomach.

I always try to be a thrifty shopper, but I have found it worth the additional expense to buy individual sized juices (100%!) and yogurt squeeze tubes. They make great grab and go breakfasts as well.

Morning IS challenging but making sure the entire family is at their best helps as well. Make sure your entire family is attempting to get a full nights sleep, even the teens who want to stay up late chatting on their laptops or playing on the xbox. It’s worth a family conference to lay out some rules on bedtimes and expectations for the morning rush. Everyone will be happier in the long run!

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