Rent To Own Living – Using Space Heaters Safely

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Space heaters can effectively add extra warmth to a room, without the necessity of turning up the central heating system temperature. Over the past decade, space heaters have become much more economical and much safer, and many families like to use a space heater in certain rooms for added warmth, for example for a little extra warmth in the family room while you are watching television on the sofa. When using space heaters, there still are a few safety tips that should be followed. One important rule to always keep in mind is to keep heaters a safe distance from the sofa and chairs and other upholstered furniture. Even the coffee table and television stand shouldn’t be in the direct line of heat from a space heater. Electronics like desktop computers and laptops should not be exposed to the direct heat of a space heater, especially the wiring!

Use the oscillating mode on your heater to avoid a direct, prolonged heat blast to anything. And, limit the devices plugged into one outlet. A table lamp doesn’t draw that much power so you can safely use a lamp and a space heater in the same outlet, but the television for example, along with the video game console, should not share an outlet with a space heater. The refrigerator also should not be on a shared outlet with space heaters.

Most homes these days are made to handle such loads, but be especially mindful if you live in an older home. Make sure you turn space heaters off when not in the room with them, and of course, keep small children and animals away from space heaters! Turning your space heater on the oscillating mode will allow the warmth to spread throughout the room.

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