Rent-to-Own: Laptop or Tablet?

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For over a decade, laptops have been the go-to device for people who are traveling rent to own laptopoften, or work from home, and even for students travelling to and from class. This trend has begun to shift in favor of tablets, though. Tablets have always been much slimmer than a laptop, but not technology is making it such that they are nearly as capable as a full-size laptop. Your specific needs and wants will determine which will work best for you, here are a few things to consider to help you make a decision:


Everybody that uses a laptop or tablet obviously has portability in mind, but the difference between carrying a 15 inch-wide laptop, and a slim 10 inch tablet is greater than you may think. If you find yourself doing a lengthy amount of writing on a regular basis, you may find a laptop to be a better choice for its bigger keyboard. Otherwise, a tablet may offer everything you need.


With most phones these days being touchscreen based, many people have become accustomed using that method to navigate through their devices. If you’re one of these people, a tablet may be perfect. There are those people however that prefer to use the mouse or touchpad of a laptop, and forcing them to use a touchscreen may really hurt productivity.

Other Considerations

Choosing a type of portable electronic device is a very personal decision, and the factors that may affect your decision are almost limitless. These are just a few of the things to consider when deciding on a laptop or tablet. If you rent one from Buddy’s and decide it isn’t for you, you can return it and pick up something different.

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