Rent To Own Kitchens – Favorite Fall Scents

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Fall brings with it some of our favorite holidays. First there is Halloween, a fun day for all, young and old. Then, we follow up with the big family favorite, Thanksgiving! Most of us have many memories formed around both of these days. As very young children some of our first really exciting outings were for Trick or Treat. And, Thanksgiving with the over-the-top meals and big family gatherings is always a favorite. Who doesn’t remember being at the “children’s table” until, finally, one year, they are graduated to the BIG table, sitting at the dining table with the adults! Wow! What a memory that is!

Along with these sweet memories of days gone by, many of us have recollections of the sweet scents of Fall that we can almost conjure up by memory.

Cinnamon and apples are part of the season. Coming home to the scent of warm apple pie cooling on the kitchen table is something to be remembered! And how about the scent of crisp fall nights with pumpkins and fall leaves in the air? These days scented candles, meltable wax cubes that go in plugged in warmers, and many types of air fresheners are available in scents with names like Fall Harvest and Woodsy Leaves. I think having a few around the home, either a candle on the coffee table or a scented warmer in an outlet in the kitchen, perhaps close to the stove or microwave, make the season just come alive with memories. Are your favorite fall scents in your home?

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