Rent To Own Kitchen – Thinking Ahead to Thanksgiving

Nov 01, 2013 Comments Off on Rent To Own Kitchen – Thinking Ahead to Thanksgiving by

Now that Halloween is just about over, believe it or not it’s time to start talking turkey. Do you have Thanksgiving Dinner at your place? Whether you host or attend Thanksgiving elsewhere, it’s a great family holiday that most of us look forward to all year. Once you have stored away the Halloween decorations, you can start thinking about Thanksgiving and perhaps add a festive touch to your home in anticipation.

Fall and Thanksgiving wreaths are a great touch on the front door. Have you thought about using them indoors too? Your local dollar store can be a great source of inexpensive and smaller wreaths. A smaller wreath of fall foliage, berries and flowers makes a nice ring to place a vase or large pillar candle in, on top of the dining room table or on the entertainment center in the family room or living room.

And, the kids love being involved. How about letting them get in on the fun. Remember old-fashioned “turkeys” made out of hand shapes cut out of construction paper and colored? They may be simple but they say Thanksgiving. Let your kids sit at the kitchen table and express their artistic side. The simple little turkey decorations can be placed on bookshelves, end tables, the coffee table, or the bedroom dresser. Anyplace is a good place for a child’s artwork, after all and will bring a smile to all.

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