Rent to Own Kitchen – A Few Goals for 2014

Dec 31, 2013 Comments Off on Rent to Own Kitchen – A Few Goals for 2014 by

My New Year’s resolutions this year are probably along the lines of many. I hope to do things better. Be better, act better, feel better! But how will I accomplish that? One way is in the kitchen. I already eat fairly well but there is always room for improvement. This year I want to try harder to make meals that we site down at the kitchen table for, as a family. I want to have some fresh, healthy snacks in the refrigerator that the kids can grab and not give in to the many microwave snacks that are so easy and fast, but also typically high in sodium and very processed.

Another area I hope to make small but powerful changes is in my sleep habits. I am committed to getting more sleep in 2014. You read so much about it, but most of us lack a good night’s rest. I plan to keep television watching out of the bedroom, to have softer lighting in my bedroom lamps, to keep the bed made each day so it’s welcoming at bed time, and to put down the tablet and laptop at a certain hour each night. Maybe by eight? I plan to spend some quiet time reading before it’s lights out and to wake up refreshed and ready to greet the day.

What are your personal plans for change this year? Come up with some specific actions and make your changes stick in 2014. Happy New Year!

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