Rent to Own in the Home – Setting a Festive Scene for the Holidays

Nov 29, 2013 Comments Off on Rent to Own in the Home – Setting a Festive Scene for the Holidays by

Many of us spend the weekend after Thanksgiving preparing for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Apart from taking advantage of the deals at Black Friday sales going on at many stores, getting out the holiday decorations, and putting up the tree, lights and decorations is on many folks lists.

Are you preparing for the Christmas holiday this weekend? Perhaps you have already scored a hot deal on a couple new video games for the kids or a new crock pot for your aunt, and have put them away for gifts. Now it’s time for the festive tree and decorations! For younger families just starting to establish holiday traditions you may be wondering where to begin! The Christmas tree is sometimes a bit hard to accommodate in a smaller living room. Even if you have to temporarily move the coffee table or  end tables to make it all work, that is fine! It won’t harm a thing to have the tree in the place the end table usually sits and the end table temporarily in the closet if you have to!

As for hanging the stockings, it’s entirely possible you don’t happen to have a mantel to hang them on. That is OK! Do you know what makes an excellent stocking hanging spot? Your entertainment center! It’s all about improvising when you live in a smaller place, but don’t hold back, the holidays are about fun, and feeling festive is part of it!

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