Rent to Own Home – Starting New Holiday Traditions in Your Family

Dec 25, 2013 Comments Off on Rent to Own Home – Starting New Holiday Traditions in Your Family by

The holiday season is upon us! Perhaps you have already done your traditional yearly holiday decorating, moving the sofa or loveseat a bit and rearranging the coffee table and chairs to make way for the tree. Maybe you have cleared the dining table one night after work and written all your cards and mailed them already. What other traditions do you and your family have for the holiday season?

Some traditions are handed down over the generations, but it’s also nice to instigate new traditions. Here is a fun idea I just heard about from a friend: Her family, now with grown children who had their own children, had found the exchange of gifts was becoming too much. Instead, they do a name exchange amongst the adults, and in place of a gift, they write a poem about the person who’s name they selected! Lots of laughs result each year, as the poems tend to be silly. What a great idea!

My family has tried another fun idea. We drew names amongst the adults but set a rule that the gift must be homemade or recycled. This makes for some real creativity, and surprising results! A set of throw pillows for the sofa made out of bandana kerchiefs, and a frame for the top of a dresser decorated with shells collected over summer vacation are a couple of the results from this fun exchange. Spend a little time brainstorming and come up with some new family traditions to work into your holiday celebration this year! Happy Holidays!

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