Rent to Own Kitchen – Homemade Gifts on a Budget

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These days, many people are looking to save a buck on most ‘extracurricular’ areas of their lives that require money. These things may include gifts for family and close friends, birthday gifts for children whose parties you are invited to and teacher gifts for your child’s class. In the age of Pinterest and the internet, it has become extremely easy to access ideas to make paying for these gifts a lot easier on your wallet. Use your laptop or desktop computer to take advantage of online blogs and sites that have great DIY gift ideas with step by step instructions . Even a smart phone can access most sites and sites like have special mobile ready apps that make it a breeze.

Something that is very popular are mason jars gifts. You can fill mason jars with almost anything and make a cute, homemade gift for just about anyone. Mason jars are readily available at department stores and super markets. Candy, baked goods, trail mix and popcorn are a few ideas for someone who might like an edible gift. Fill the jar to the top, screw on the lid and embellish the lid with some ribbon or inexpensive twine. A popular mason jar-inspired gift is baking mix. Fill it with brownie, cookie or cake mix. Then, all they have to do is mix with an egg or two, pour into a pan and pop it into the oven!

For a inedible and/or decorative gift, perhaps some potpourri or colorful rocks in a jar would make a nice addition to someone’s kitchen table as a centerpiece. One more idea that is great for a child as well as a great memento is a homemade memory game. Simply buy a few sheets of card stock from your local craft store, print a few photos at your local pharmacy, and use contact paper to adhere the photo to a small square of card stock. Kids can then use family or friend photos to play a card game – fun for the whole family! The opportunities are endless. Scope out local stores for sales on craft supplies such as canvases, paint and jars. Have your kids paint their own masterpiece for a teacher or grandparent gift. Who doesn’t love a homemade gift, made with love?!

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