Rent To Own Home Furnishings – Small Space Holiday Decorating

Dec 24, 2013 Comments Off on Rent To Own Home Furnishings – Small Space Holiday Decorating by

Decorating a small space during the holidays can be overwhelming. Some may even feel discouraged to unpack their holiday decorations because they just don’t know where to start or how to make it work. The truth is, you can turn any space, even a very small apartment or home,  into a nicely, tastefully decorated home with any decor that you may own.

For Christmas, try using end tables for displaying smaller decor items such as small figurines or Christmas cards. For larger items such as holiday-themed artwork and larger pieces, use your entertainment center, or even the top of your refrigerator. Turn on lamps throughout the house to set a cozy mood for the holidays, and try lighting a few candles for a warm glow and pleasant holiday aroma. Maybe even hang a wreath above your dresser in your bedroom!

The ideas are endless, no matter how small or large your living space is. You will find that even if you are hosting friends or family for the holidays, you will still have a lot of kitchen table and/or dining table space for serving a meal because all of the other space in your home is being utilized efficiently for holiday decor. The holidays are exciting! Don’t let space work against you. Wow your guests with your spatial skills and bring out your fabulous decor.

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