Rent to Own – Get Togethers for Play Group Kids and Moms

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If you are part of a playgroup for your kids or belong to a moms’ group of some sort, do you celebrate holidays as a group? It can be fun to get the kids gathered around the kitchen table together and do some sort of craft and have a holiday-themed snack. Since most playgroups are in someone’s home, it can be hectic to host a holiday party with a lot of kids. It’s best to keep them busy with an activity that will take up a good amount of time, that way they are occupied!

If you are going to host playgroup on a holiday, it can be easy to come up with a fun agenda that is both kid-friendly and mom-friendly! For messy crafts that involve paint, glue or small pieces, simply cover your kitchen table with newspaper or a plastic table cloth. Arrange the materials in a convenient spot such as the kitchen counter or bar area. Bring in end tables and a coffee table if you need more space for kids to sit and complete their craft.

For a holiday such as St. Patrick’s Day, it would be easy to use green foods and also green food coloring to make things fun and festive. You can prepare a green veggie tray ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator until it’s time to snack. Other cute ideas are Lucky Charms cereal and fruit kabobs with grapes, kiwi and green apples. The ideas are endless for a cute St. Patty’s Day party, start planning one for your house!

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