Rent to own furniture: Will Santa Be Bringing Dad (or Mom) a Recliner This Year?

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Will Santa Be Bringing Dad (or Mom) a Recliner This Year?

What is it about men and recliners? Not to generalize, but the truth is, it seems that most men just love the idea of a comfortable recliner. Some dream of a soft and comfy upholstered recliner, while others dream of a sleek leather recliner with all the accessories, remote control, cup holders and the works! But, the bottom line is, a good majority of today’s men would love to wake up Christmas morning and find a new recliner under the tree with their name on it.

Women may have other things on their minds, but they too love the comfort and relaxation of lounging in a recliner. Oh sure, when it comes to Christmas lists, often jewelry and spa treatments are on the list. But, if a new recliner were to appear in the family room on Christmas morning… most mom’s wouldn’t complain! Imagine mom in the recliner, a mocha latte in hand, while the little ones enjoy the bounty of Christmas morning! True bliss!

Why is it that recliners are so symbolic of comfort and relaxation? Well, there is the obvious reason, they are a chair, that reclines! They are soft, comfortable, cushioned, and relaxing. They have armrests and footrests and sometimes, cup holders as well. A recliner cups you in it’s center and tilts you back, almost like a baby would be held by it’s mother. What could possibly be more relaxing than that? A recliner has an assortment of settings to have your feet just so, your back just so… until the person so lucky to be seated in it finds the just-right combination of tilt and lean that makes their body sigh in relief.

After a long day at the office or out in the yard, the appeal of the recliner is obvious. Add a good book or an exciting movie on the television, and anybody, man or woman, will be a happy camper in a recliner. Sure, you can lay out lengthwise on a couch, and you can put your feet up on an ottoman, but that is just not the same as the velvety embrace of a recliner.

Is a recliner on your family’s holiday list? Perhaps the ultimate relaxation Furniture Rent To Own, also known as the recliner, will be under YOUR tree this holiday season!

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