Rent To Own Furniture – What Kind of Chair Are You?

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What Kind of Chair Are You?

Take this quick quiz and learn what kind of chair your personality most closely matches!

1. Which season do you consider your favorite?
__A – Spring! Flowers blooming, new life everywhere!
__B – Summer! Warm days by the pool are the best
__C – Fall! The crisp weather and fall foliage is invigorating
__D – Winter! I love the cold and longer evenings – the best for being at home

2. Is it most enjoyable and relaxing for you to:
__A – Spend time outdoors doing gardening or yard work?
__B – Cook up a gourmet meal for friends and family
__C – Watch an exciting football or basketball game on television?
__D – Read a great novel or the latest biography

3. Which recharges your batteries the best?
__A – A tough workout, love to work up a good sweat!
__B – Hanging out with friends and socializing is the ultimate
__C – A spa-day complete with massage
__D – Alone time, with no interruptions gives me time to recharge

4. What time of day do you feel your best?
__ A – Early morning for me!
__ B – The moment my work day is over, I am ready to go!
__ C – Mid-afternoon is when I hit my stride
__ D – I’m a night owl. Midnite? 2 am? Love it!

5. What of the following sounds the most appetizing?
__ A – Sushi is a real treat! Nothing is fresher or better!
__ B – Homemade pasta with a big salad is delish!
__ C – Pizza and soda is my favorite
__ D – I love a big hot bowl of chicken soup

Now tally up your score and see what kind of CHAIR your personality matches!

Mostly A’s – You are an energetic, modern type. You will always prefer the fresh and modern over traditional, and you have energy to burn. The perfect chair for you is sectional sofa in a fabric like microfiber or a sleek leather. Being able to arrange a sectional sofa to best fit YOUR room satisfies your independent streak and the clean lines and practicality of microfiber or leather appeals to your practical nature

Mostly B’s – You are a social butterfly, no doubt about it! Enjoying laughter, music and good times with family and friends is of utmost important to you. Nothing satisfies you more than gathering around a well-laid table to enjoy food and drink together. Whether seated at the dining room table or at the casual kitchenette, or even perched on a barstool at your kitchen island, sharing life, laughter and fun with those you love is the way to go for you. For this reason, you are a dining room chair!

Mostly C’s – You are drawn to comfort yet you also like some outside stimulation. Usually a sports fan, if you can’t be in the ballpark, the next best place for you is in the family room, perhaps with a salty snack and cold drink close at hand. Your idea of real luxury is a little pampering. You love to have someone prepare you a well cooked meal, and you enjoy a comfortable pair of slippers too! When it comes to the home, soft, inviting fabric and lots of cool features that help you relax is the ultimate to you. A recliner with all the options is your chair type.

Mostly D’s – Even though you enjoy your family and friends, you have a real need for me-time. It’s essential that you have a place to recharge, and the time to do so, or you can start to feel stressed. You probably do best in a career choice that requires minimum face-time, and you probably prefer to wake up in the morning and quietly sip your coffee or tea before anyone invades your space. Reading, handwork like knitting or crochet, or crafts are all likely on your list of activities. You prefer a seat for just one person, no need to lay all over one another, and you prefer a spot you can curl up comfortably. For these reasons, you are an easy chair or club chair.

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