Rent to own Furniture – Weekend Brunch Ideas!

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For the typical American family, breakfast can be a little hectic. Most days, we grab something quick from the refrigerator, or maybe if we are lucky, pop something in the microwave. Many folks consider breakfast a quick latte at the coffee shop drive through. On the weekends however, it’s possible to slow down the pace and enjoy a breakfast together, at the kitchen table or counter bar stools.

What’s your favorite family breakfast? Of course, children usually vote for pancakes, but there are plenty of other choices that make for a delicious and even healthy family brunch. How about yogurt and fruit parfaits? The kids love these, because they are pretty and fun, and at this time of year with all the fresh fruits in season, they are economical and yummy! Layer low fat yogurt and chopped fruit in clear sundae bowls or stemmed water goblets. Try alternating vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, more yogurt, and blueberries. This is a pretty and delightful treat! You can serve with some toast to round out the meal.

Have you ever made Eggs Benedict? It’s a little more trouble but if you look in your market, they sell hollandaise sauce packets (near the gravy) that couldn’t be simpler. Then, toast English muffins, top with Canadian bacon rounds and a poached egg, and some hollandaise sauce. This elegant breakfast is definitely nice enough for company and can be served at the dining room table! When is the last time you had a brunch? Go all out and serve the adults mimosas (orange juice with a splash of champagne) for an extra festive touch.

Another fun breakfast or brunch idea are breakfast wraps. Choose one of the large wraps available in the bread department at your market, and stuff full of scrambled eggs, cheese, and fresh or sauteed vegetables.

After brunch it might be a great time to watch a family film together in the living room. We sometimes think that movies are a nighttime activity, but during the hotter days of summer it can be fun family entertainment to enjoy a movie seated comfortably on the sofa, on your flat screen television. If you are more interested in moving around a bit, you still don’t need to get out in the hot sun. Try a family friendly video game like one of the dance or karaoke games for maximum fun!

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