Rent To Own Furniture (Visually Adding Warmth to a Room)

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Visually Adding Warmth to a Room

As temperatures cool, it’s nice to add some warmth to the rooms of our homes. Not just actual heat that takes the chill out of the air, but warmth in the way of colors and materials. What do I mean by this?

Consider your Living Room, with it’s new leather couch, glass coffee table and end tables, and maybe a matching leather recliner. Perhaps the dominant colors in the room are blues, black and silver. Perhaps there is a flat screen television mounted on the wall, or on top of a contemporary entertainment center. Perhaps a few lamps sit on the end tables or take up a spot behind the armchair or recliner. All of these items look great together, but there is a certain cool tone to the room, due to the color palette, and straight lines of the contemporary furnishings.

The way to warm up that palette while maintaining the decor you prefer is with the use of touches of texture and color. Throw pillows are an excellent way to incorporate this technique. A few throw pillows on the couch and chairs in a textured material and slightly contrasting hues of color that compliment your color scheme will immediately add another visual layer to the room. Nubby tweed, a thick wale corduroy, knotted materials, woven materials – these are all examples of adding texture. If the room is predominantly blue, black and silver then pillows in dove grey, charcoal, or ivory (not stark white in this case) will add much needed warmth to the look and feel.

Another way to incorporate this would be with candles, since candles naturally represent warmth, due to their very nature. Or try dried flower arrangements in interesting vases or baskets. Baskets, being woven from natural materials, immediately add extra texture and warmth to any room.

When it comes to warming up your home for the cooler months, don’t stop at the living room. Use the same techniques in the bedroom with throw pillows or an afghan on the bed, candles, and arrangements. In the dining room, make sure your center piece on the dining table is complimentary, and try a grouping on top of a nicely textured table scarf or runner. Seat cushions added to the Dining Room or kitchen chairs add texture as well. When warmer weather once again comes around and you prefer a cooler look and feel to your home, you can store this seasonal items away until the next year’s seasons.

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