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Trick or Treat – Halloween is Almost Here!

Halloween is right around the corner. Probably by now you have chosen costumes for yourself and your family and are well on your way to having them ready for Halloween night. Perhaps you have purchased a couple pumpkins from the supermarket and have them perched on the front steps, with jaunty jack-o-lantern faces. But what about the rest of your home? Have you added touches of Halloween to the Living Room, kitchen, and Dining Rooms? All of the holidays are great times to add a little festivity to the home, especially for those who have children at home. Most of us have a supply of Christmas decorations stored away, and many have Thanksgiving or Easter adornments they can pull out of the closet for those special occasions. Halloween is another fun time of year and it’s easy to decorate for. With so many clever ideas and inexpensive materials to use, why not get into the Halloween spirit this year?

One of my favorite Halloween decorating items are packages of fake cobwebs. They are super inexpensive, easy to use, and even more importantly, easy to clean up! Spread some webs in the front windows, or around the fireplace hearth – being careful of placement if you actively use your fireplace, no need for fire hazards!

Create a simple arrangement of dried grasses, autumn leaves and mini-sized pumpkins. That itself is very autumn-themed, add a few cobwebs and you have instant Halloween! After the spooky holiday is past, you can remove the cobwebs and keep the rest of the centerpiece for a touch of autumn.

Speaking of pumpkins, wonderfully natural looking artificial jack-o-lanterns are available at many discount and home improvement stores. Most have lighting included. These lightweight choices are good for many years of use, and for those living in warmer parts of the country, they sure beat the true Halloween horror of finding your real pumpkin jack-o-lantern has turned to mush on your front steps. Investing in a few of these will pay off over several years. If you are able to wait for right AFTER Halloween, you can get them for a fraction of their usual price.

Another simple way to bring the feel of Halloween to your home is to save a few gallon sized milk jugs. Wash them out well and dry, then draw on scary faces with permanent markers. Now, feed a strand of white christmas tree lights into the jug, keeping the plug-end out. Make a few of these and arrange in a darker corner with access to a plug. Plug them in and instant scary happens!

Enjoy Halloween this year, and Happy Trick or Treat!

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