Rent to own furniture – The Natural Energy of Spring

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The Natural Energy of Spring

The natural cycles of the earth bring with them times of renewal and times of rest. Spring is our most energetic season, when all life is growing, thriving, coming into bloom and into being. Us humans are well served to grab onto that natural flow of energy and take advantage of the spirit it can give us.

This is the time of year to open the windows and let the sunshine in, in the family room, it’s time to open those heavy drapes that keep the warmth in during winter and the sun out during summer. This is the season when the warm sunshine does us all good but isn’t so bright that it will fade our couch and living room furniture!

And while you are at it, with the windows open and sunlight streaming in, giving even the bedroom furniture and laundry rooms a cheerful feel, try turning off the television or video games for just awhile. Do you hear it? What’s “it”? The sounds of the outdoors. Birds, wind, squirrels, a dog barking perhaps… even the background noises of the city itself can be an energizing hum if we stop and allow ourselves to just listen.

Next time you are at the grocery or department store, Invest in a few potted plants to set on the windowsills or atop the dining room table or kitchen table. And bring spring inside with you!

Springtime is also a time that many of us consider new activities and getting fit. Do you have an old bicycle out in the garage? Maybe it’s a good time to dust it off and take a spin around the neighborhood. A 20 minute ride after dinner, before settling down to your favorite nightly television shows from the comfort of the recliner could go a long ways towards becoming a fitter, more energetic you!

When at the grocery, look for local, fresh produce coming into season when possible. The health benefits of eating locally sourced foods are stupendous, and at this time of year the freshest, sweetest and youngest produce is just coming into season.

Take advantage of spring’s natural energies and embrace the season. Open your windows and open your spirit to the natural goodness of the spring season.

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