Rent To Own Furniture – The Differance a Lamp Can Make

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Lighting comes from many sources in our homes. A bright florescent overhead light in the kitchen or bathroom or a ceiling fan with a light fixture are two common forms of lighting you will find in most homes or apartments in their move-in ready state. This lighting is perfectly adequate for letting us see what we need to, in most cases. But have you considered what the addition of additional lighting can do for your home decorating? Adding lamps to your rooms will change lighting from utilitarian to stylish, warm and welcoming.

Perhaps you have a favorite comfortable recliner and have decided you need a reading lamp next to it, so you can properly enjoy reading. That is a practical consideration for adding a lamp to a living room or family room. But have you thought beyond the lamps simple function of providing light? Maybe you have, to the degree of what type of lamp you will get. Will you choose a floor lamp or a table lamp?

Before you get that new lamp, consider a few other choices that can impact the total look and feel of your living space. Just the simple addition of a lamp can actually change the tone of your decorating. Think about this, perhaps you have a typical, contemporary styled sofa and recliner in a neutral microfiber, perhaps a tan or grey. The accessories you choose, most especially the lamp styles, can take that contemporary furniture from a modern, edgy look to a more classic, traditional style. Let’s imagine that contemporary sofa again – there is probably a coffee table and end tables in place as well. Maybe there is overhead lighting provided by a ceiling fan, which is adequate but a tad on the boring side. Now – what impact would a chrome and glass, modernistic-styled lamp make to the room? All of a sudden, the room has a modern feel. Add an abstract print on the wall for art, and you have a new room with a modern twist. Or, on the other end, perhaps your tastes run to a classic, brass style lamp with a traditional, even elegant lamp shade. Again, the accompanying art work you choose will lend itself to this new look. A print of a landscape or still life and the room is suddenly traditional in tone!

That is the beauty of a contemporary sofa or other furniture, it has the ability to go well with several styles. How about rustic? Yes! A natural wood style lamp and neutral shade, a few other rustic accessories, perhaps a textile wall hanging rather than a print, and the room has become rustic. Lighting is a very important aspect to your home’s decor. This carries through not only in the living room but all of the home. Think about the style you are hoping to achieve before you go lamp shopping, and then, enjoy the pleasant, warmly lit ambiance of your new home.

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