Rent to Own Furniture – Taking Advantage of Holiday Sales

Jan 26, 2014 Comments Off on Rent to Own Furniture – Taking Advantage of Holiday Sales by

With the new year comes all sorts of clearance sales. It’s a great idea to stock up on holiday wrap and decor right after the holidays, but did you know there are other great bargains out there as well? In December, many stores overstock items like fluffy blankets, robes, and warm pajama sets because these are often gifts. In January, along with the Christmas tablecloths and towels, these overstocked items often go on sale. And, guess what, there is still plenty of cold weather ahead of us! Use the January clearance sales to get flannel sheet sets for the beds, warm fleece throws for the back of the sofa, and cozy slippers to wear in the recliner. You can even find that items like green kitchen towels that are on sale once the holidays over make fine everyday towels even after the holidays. I always hang my kitchen towels on the oven door of the range, and a nice evergreen color is fine, regardless of the season! The same goes for a throw rug for in front of the refrigerator. Cheerful red or pine green looks great throughout the year, not just during the Christmas season. Candles with lovely pine or cinnamon scents are often slashed to 75% off after Christmas, yet they continue to smell and look great on the coffee table or entertainment center well after the holiday season. Always keep an open mind when browsing the clearance aisles and give your budget a nice boosts with these after holiday bargains!

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