Rent To Own Furniture – St. Patrick’s Day Affordable Family Fun!

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St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon. It is an old Irish holiday that is actually a cultural and religious day of celebration, but today in the United States it has become a day of fun and frivolity more than anything, and an excuse to wear green and steal kisses! What does your family usually do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? For some of us, it’s truly just another day but why not make it into something a little more fun that usual. Here are a few ideas of how you and your family can make a celebration-worthy dining table decoration and meal, and join in the fun without unnecessary expenses.

To make the day feel fun and festive for all the family members, plan a “green” meal. How about a focus on the greener varieties of vegetables and fruits – broccoli, green beans, and granny smith apples and grapes will be a great start. And how about some special green flowers for the kitchen table or dining room table? Did you know if you get the simplest bunch of inexpensive white carnations or daisies and put them into a vase the day before with water that has green food coloring mixed into it, you can make your own green flower bouquet! How about green corsages for the girls? Just wrap  the ends of a carnation or two with a little plastic wrap then place onto your lapel with a safety pin. Instant Green Fun! Remember, keep your flowers in your green water mixture in the refrigerator for them to stay their freshest.

You can also safely add green food coloring to cake mix, pudding mix, or even mashed potatoes or the water you cook the rice in! Make an ordinary meal take on a whole new personality with the Luck of the Irish!

Everyone knows that wearing green is the number one rule of St. Patrick’s Day. The way it works is, if you don’t wear green then you are likely to get pinched or get kissed! That might sound like you have to buy a special outfit just for the day but not necessarily! A few days before St. Patrick’s Day take a good look around. Check the dressers and closets for those green items of clothing you may not recall at first. You might find that specialty t-shirt or funny hat you got last year on St. Patrick’s Day. If they have been tossed into the back of the closet since last St. Patricks, throw a load of wash into the washing machine to freshen up those green t-shirts, button downs, underwear and even socks! If it’s green, it counts! Have fun on St. Patrick’s Day!

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