Rent To Own Furniture – Repurposing Furniture

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Have you been fortunate lately and gotten new furniture for one of the rooms in your home? Wonderful! I am sure you are enjoying the pleasure of nice new furnishings and the facelift they have given your room. But what about the items you replaced? What did you do with the furniture you chose to replace?

Sometimes, before you take the step to sell or donate new furniture, it’s worth taking a good look at the piece with fresh eyes. Some items can be repurposed for another room and perhaps even another use altogether. Of course, it may take a fresh coat of paint or a little reengineering, but many times these are simple steps that will give a piece new life. Let’s take a look at a couple examples of new uses for old and tired furniture and accessories.

Many times we have made do with mixed and matched pieces in the bedroom until we can splurge on a matching bedroom suite. Oh how wonderful the bedroom looks now! With a dresser, bedside tables and bed that all match perfectly. What can we do with the bedside table handed down to us by Auntie Alice or the dresser we picked up a yard sale? Surprisingly, some bedroom pieces work wonderfully for the kitchen and dining room! With just a fresh coat of paint, and perhaps a faux finish to add aging such as a shabby chic look, a dresser can make a great kitchen or dining room sideboard.

You can use the drawers for many items such as dinnerware, kitchen linens, bakeware, etc. Often, it is well worth a trip to the hardware store to look for some stylish new drawer pulls to finish off the project. If the drawers have become hopelessly off their rails, take them out completely, it’s not that hard to install shelves into the drawer spots.

Top the dresser with a few plants or a vase of flowers as well as a lamp, candles or other table toppers. This is just one example of repurposing furniture cast off from one room to serve in another. Keep an open mind and think outside of the box!

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