Rent To Own Furniture – Putting Away Summer Items for the Year

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For many of us, as summer draws to a close and the fall season begins, it’s time to store away the items we won’t use until next summer comes around. First there is the apparel such as swimsuits, summer tank tops and shorts, summer dresses, sandals and hats – all of these items can for the most part be stored away until next season. Also consider storing beach towels and pool accessories and toys away for the season.

But what about room to store them? Even if space is tight, it’s not impossible to get things put away for the season. If you have a typical bedroom with a bed and a dresser, maybe at the most two dressers, and if you really don’t have ample storage space to put things away completely, then sometimes some easy reorganization of the dresser drawers can be helpful Usually a dresser has a couple drawers that are lower to the floor and therefore not quite as accessible as the other drawers. Put your most used items in the dresser drawers that are easiest to get to, and put away the swimsuits and such into the lower drawers and harder to reach spots.

Another point to keep in mind is that neatly folded clothing items actually take up less space than unfolded items. Although it takes a little time, keep your clothing neatly folded when you store it away in the dresser for maximum benefits of space saving.

The same goes for the closet. Rotate the most summery items to the back area and the fall and winter wear up to the front, then when spring comes around next year, do the reverse and bring the warm weather outfits back up to the front and within easy reach.

You should always try to utilize dead space too, for example there is quite a bit of space underneath a bed. You can buy plastic storage containers that are meant to slide under the bed, and this is a great place for beach towels, sandals, and even disinflated beach and pool toys.

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