Rent To Own Furniture – No Time for the Gym? No Problem!

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Do you find yourself wishing you could be healthier and fit, but struggling to find the time or the budget to join a gym? Don’t let that stop you! There are lots of options that allow you to work out from home, with little or even no extra equipment needed.

Remember, we are born in a body that makes itself into a great exercise machine anytime we want it to. Simple calisthenics such as pushups, pullups, squats and lunges all utilize our bodies own weight to help it get fitter. With these basics, you can’t go wrong. If you aren’t in the best physical condition yet, start slow and use what you can to offset the difficulty. For example, if you currently cannot do full squats, try holding on to the back of a kitchen chair to steady yourself while you lower yourself into the squat position. Or, perhaps you know your form isn’t correct, after just a handful of squats you are not dipping down low enough. Place a kitchen chair behind you and use it as a guide for how low to go. A good squat should bring you so that your butt just touches the chair then back up again.

When it comes to pushups, if you are not in condition to do full, army style pushups quite yet, start slow. A wall pushup is manageable for most people. Stand facing a wall, about a foot out, and place your palms at shoulder width apart against the wall. Push into the wall and out again, and repeat for your set. Once you graduate beyond these, move onto knee pushups. Slowly but surely you will gain strength and work up to full pushups. It’s better to do 5 very good pushups than 10 very bad pushups, so concentrate on having your hands properly places and body in a good plank position.

Ready to move on to more? These days there are not only many good exercise DVDs, there are a number of streaming channels available that feature everything from spinning to yoga classes. Some are free and some cost perhaps $10 a month, which is still a substantial savings over the cost of a gym membership. I suggest preparing your exercise area as well as possible until exercise is a steady habit for you. If you have moved the coffee table out of the way and have the flat screen television angled so you can view it properly from your workout spot, you are less likely to find excuses not to do it!

And, don’t forget that video gaming console the kids love! There are quite a few workout and fitness games available as well as sports competitions and dancing games. These all are great tools to get in shape or stay in shape!

Remember, keep yourself motivated with some lively music, and keep hydrated as you work out. And have fun!

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