Rent To Own Furniture – Lost and Found in the Home

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How is it possible that items that you are positive are INSIDE your home become hopelessly lost? For example, the famous disappearing socks in the clothes dryer. You are sure you started the washing machine with a matched set of socks in it. But, by the end of the wash and dry cycle, one sock has gone missing! Where did it go? It’s a mystery most of us have dealt with at one time or another.

And how about that package of chopped garlic that you are positive was in the refrigerator and now it’s just plain gone! Now, this isn’t like ice cream in the freezer or cookies in the cupboard that there might be an explanation for. Nobody in their right mind is going to sneak a package of garlic into their room for a midnight snack. But, you have checked every shelf in the refrigerator and even checked the cupboards in case you somehow misplaced it, and it’s nowhere to be found.

So many little items that just disappear out of our lives. Sometimes we are desperate to find that missing item. Maybe it’s a barrette that matches your outfit perfectly. Or perhaps it’s an important business card or appointment card. You can tear the house apart and not find it. But here’s the REAL mystery – oftentimes, at some random time in the future, the item suddenly reappears just like it disappeared! You swear you opened that dresser drawer five times in your original search, but yet suddenly, there it is, in the dresser. These are life’s little jokes on us humans. It seems as if they are designed to drive us mad!

Then again, there can be an upside. Almost all of us have decided to do some thorough cleaning and found a virtual treasure tucked into the cushions of the sofa. Many dollars worth of coins can be hiding just out of reach! And more! Stray earrings, even one of those missing socks have all been known to hide in the sofa.

My theory is we shouldn’t question these things too much. When items disappear, try to relax and just assume at some point they will pop back into your life again. And, until then, it never hurts to check the sofa cushions!

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