Rent to own furniture – Keeping Furniture in Good Shape!

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Keeping Furniture in Good Shape!

We get ourselves nice sofas, recliners, and entertainment centers for one reason above all – to be comfortable in our homes! And with the right selections, we certainly can attain beautiful, comfortable family rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. A nice sectional couch in microfiber and a leather recliner with a coffee table, end tables and lamps can combine together and make for a cozy area for the family and friends to gather. Many families like to watch movies together, or enjoy playing video games on a game console. Add a few snacks like popcorn and chips, and some cold drinks, and the whole family can spend hours being entertained!

But – sometimes the end result of settling into our lovely living rooms is we find that soon the couch and chairs have become soiled or the coffee table is scratched. How can we find the happy medium between enjoying our homes yet taking proper care of the furniture, accessories and electronics that we work so hard to acquire?

It takes some family discipline and some rules to follow, but keeping the family furniture looking fresh and in good shape is entirely possible. It makes sense to teach our children to properly respect the furnishings in our homes, as someday they too will be working hard to have nice things.

First of all, when choosing rental furniture, be practical! If you have several toddlers at home, it probably isn’t reasonable to choose a white, silk couch and expect it to stay clean and nice. Microfiber is a wonderful fabric for active families as it can be cleaned quite well!

Also, regarding snacks, it’s good and appropriate to have a few rules in place. When snacks are brought into the family room, they should be on proper plates, and then put away promptly when finished. Don’t allow your family to get in the habit of letting plates and glasses pile up on the coffee table and end tables. And, you will be doing your family a favor to limit portions and not allow an entire bag of chips to be nibbled on straight from the bag!

Another great rule for furniture is to disallow any footwear on the couches or chairs. In other words, a couch is not meant to have tennis shoes or boots on it! Make a family rule that footwear is removed when in the family room and especially so if feet are up on furniture.

Just having a few sensible rules in place can help extend the life of your furniture and accessories so that you can enjoy the nice things you have for as long as possible.

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