Rent to Own Furniture – It’s a Personal Pizza Party!

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So, the kids are back in school, and the weather is cooling off, and the days are growing shorter. That means family fun needs to be fit into less time! Making the most of family fun time is important, and sometimes it’s hard to think of new and fresh ideas to keep the kids happy and excited.

How about a homemade pizza party? Whether it’s just the immediate family or a gathering of your kids’ friends, it’s pretty easy and economical to do personal pizzas for a crowd, and it’s fun and interactive!

First plan a quick trip to the market. Pick up a pack of flour tortillas, a good sized jar of pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce, and a bag of grated mozzarella. Also pick up some toppings. These are limited only by your imagination. Ham, hot dogs, sausage, or pepperoni, plus sliced and chopped vegetables like bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and even fruit like pineapple chunks. Less common but very tasty additional ingredients include fresh spinach leaves, fresh mozzarella rounds, grated parmesan, broccoli, anchovies, olives, and whatever else you would like to try! When you get home chop your vegetables, etc and store in the refrigerator.

Now for the fun – get your ingredients into individual dishes, and preheat the oven to about 425 degrees. Gather your family and friends together at the kitchen table for do-it-yourself pizza time! Each person gets a flour tortilla. I suggest you place it on a square of aluminum foil for easy handling and moving. Let everyone add their toppings, starting with the sauce which doubles as pizza sauce, then following with the rest of the ingredients. Your pizza party participants can get creative!

When the pizzas are ready for the oven, transport them with aluminum foil and all to baking sheets. These will cook quickly, probably 10-12 minutes. Keep an eye on them and meanwhile get out the sodas and chips. When pizzas are ready, serve on paper plates and enjoy! And to top it off, there won’t be many dirty dishes for the dishwasher afterwards!

A personal pizza party is a great way to start the night before watching a movie on the flat screen television together, or a round of video game sports on the gaming console. Enjoy!

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