Rent to own furniture – How to pick decorating colors and the moods they convey

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Colors are powerful. Businesses have known this for years now. Did you know – it’s not simply coincidence that the majority of fast food chains use the hues of yellows, oranges and reds in their branding colors. Why? Because the warm color tones found in the reds, oranges and yellows have been proven in testing to provoke and promote appetite. It may seem hard to believe that simply walking under the golden arches rather than the indigo arches could inspire a person to buy a larger order of fries or an extra burger, but it is scientifically proven to be so. Is it subtle? Yes. But does it add up? Yes, indeed.

For these same subtle reasons we should be mindful of the colors we use to decorate and accessorize the various rooms of our home, to make sure that we are projecting the right mood and provoking the right feelings in our family and guests. Let’s consider your home and how color might affect the ambience and therefore the moods of those who spend time in your home’s rooms.

One of the most important rooms in a home is the living room. It is often the room we spend the most on in terms of thought and purchases, including furniture and accessories, as it is often the first room a guest in our home will spend time in. Living rooms can be contemporary, casual, or formal. They can be very elegant, without a television or comfy chair in site, or they can be family friendly and relaxed. What is the style you have chosen for your own living room? Why? Think about your own living room, as it is today. Does it reflect your style, taste and values?

Now let’s think about the colors you have chosen. A popular choice are natural or earth tones. This would include browns, tans, taupes and to an extent, greys. What is the mood these natural colors evoke? They are soothing, soft, not jarring but rather, easy on the eyes. These colors remind us of the outdoors and the natural beauty of wood and stone. A room furnished in earth tones will offer a comforting retreat at the end of the day. A cave, if you will.

How about green? Green of course, reminds us of growing things, plants and vines and grassy meadows. Green is the color of life. Green is often paired with yellow, like the sun and flowers, or with blue, like flowing streams and lakes. Greens are cool colors, and invigorate and restore us. A living room in greens and blues would feel fresh, natural, and energizing.

How about reds and purples? Red is associated with heat. It can be perceived as daring and edgy. A room with bold red accents makes a statement. Purple has long been associated with royalty, and is just different enough to make us notice. Both the red and purple family have a great deal of flexibility. Red or purple paired with black or white is modern, and almost aggressive. But take red or purple and perhaps tone down the hue a bit, then pair it with earth tones. All of a sudden the feeling is very different. Deep, rich, and intellectual.

Color is a powerful conveyor of our personalities. We can use colors to our advantage in decorating. When you are choosing your furniture and accessories, consider your overall color scheme. Choose your primary and accessory colors with care, to create the room you need, whether it be restful, powerful, or naturally invigorating.

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