Rent To Own Furniture – Homemade Popsicles – Just in Time for Summer!

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Homemade Popsicles – Just in Time for Summer!

Summer is here, the kids are out of school, and everybody is ready for summer fun! What goes along with cool summer fun? Cool summer treats! Everybody loves popsicles, but have you tried making your own? With a tiny bit of work your rent to own freezer can hold a delicious supply of fresh summer pops.

First, you will need popsicle molds. Most department super stores will carry these in the household department, or you can buy them online. Or, you can use disposable paper or plastic cups as well. When using cups, choose a small size, a cup size can be deceptive and you will want to work with small, manageable portions for the sake of the budget and the health of your family. Make sure to get some popsicle sticks (from the craft department) or plastic spoons if using cups.

There are plenty of fun and fruity combinations you can use to make your own fruit pops for the family. Actually, almost any fruit that is in season will work, so when you are at the market, keep an eye out for the freshest, best deals on fruit.

Pop the fruit into the rented refrigerator when you get home, then when you have time, wash and prepare it. In fact, this is a great task for the kids to get involved in. Sit them down at the kitchen table and have them help you chop and peel the fruit. You can use fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and watermelon chunks. Try adding some slices of kiwi for a splash of green too. Some folks prefer to blend the fruit to a smooth consistency while others like the chunks of fruit themselves. If you use chunks, fill the cups or molds with fruit pieces then top it off with a little orange juice or lemonade to cover the fruit, then freeze in your freezer.

And, if you would like to go in a different direction, frozen grapes and frozen bananas are both absolutely delicious. To freeze bananas, cut in half, pop a popsicle stick into the end, and wrap in foil and freeze until solid. For grapes, just take from the refrigerator, wash and pop into a plastic sandwich bag and freeze until solid.

Finally, for one more fun idea with ice, make “ice paints”, add food coloring to ice in ice cube trays and add popsicle sticks as they start to firm up in the freezer. Pop out of the tray and let the kids use these “ice paints” on sheets of paper. This game can be a little messy so rather than let them play on the dining room or coffee table, you might want to send them out to the patio for their creative artworks. Enjoy the summer!

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