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Getting in the Habit of Practicing Gratitude

At least once a day, if not many times a day, I reflect on how much I love my family and how lucky and blessed we have all been over the years. Chances are, you are just the same. But, I can’t say my family and I have always actively practiced gratitude. Do you and your family?

What does practicing gratitude mean? It means taking time on a regular basis to stop and express the many people and things that you are most grateful for. It doesn’t mean a complete lifestyle change or turning into someone you are not. It does not mean no longer going about your day to day activities and enjoying each other.

It can be as simple as taking a moment before dinner, when everyone is seated at the rental dining room table, maybe once a week or so, and expressing what you are grateful for that day. You may find the positiveness of this act is so powerful that you start doing it more often.

It might be taking a few moments after bath time and before the children are in their beds for the night to express as a family what was good about that day. It can be the simple act of taking just 5 minutes together, perhaps after watching an inspirational movie on the television, to talk about some of the accomplishments you each have achieved.

Practicing gratitude doesn’t need to be a formal exercise at all. Whether your family is gathered in the family room, relaxed on the sofas, or sitting at the dining table, or getting ready for bedtime, anytime is appropriate.

This very simple act has amazing positive results on individual family members and the family as a unit. Actively talking about what you are grateful for strengthens the individual and the family. And, if misfortune ever does come across the family, it will help strengthen the ability to get through tough times together.

Think about your family’s Gratitude Practice. Is it in place today? Is it something you might consider finding ways to work into your day to day life?

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