Rent to own furniture for fall is in the Air – And in Your Home!

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Fall in In the Air – And in Your Home!

Ah, that glorious time of year, Autumn. The wind is crisp and cool, the leaves are changing colors, and winter won’t be far behind. High School Football games, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are all Fall traditions that we love and look forward to. It’s a fun and family oriented time of year!

How can you bring a touch of Fall into your home? It’s easy! Fall is a season rich in colors and smells, and leveraging these two senses is the route to successful Fall decorating. Compared to the other seasons of Spring, Summer and Winter, Fall may be the most easily defined with just a few touches of color and sources of scent.

Let’s start with scent. Luckily, we can all easily identify the scents that remind of us of Fall, and scent is a very affordable and convincing way to bring the season indoors. Candles and air freshening sprays are available in not only a huge variety of scents, but price points as well. Don’t feel you must spend top dollar on these items. In fact, I recommend against that, you will not want to liberally light your candles and spray fresheners if they are too costly.

Set candles on Coffee Tables, end tables, the bedside tables, and even on the mantle and entertainment center. Try placing a few in the kitchen and Dining Room too. An apple pie or cinnamon scented candle in the kitchen area invokes thoughts of home cooked meals and cozy evenings. A particularly strategic area for candles is in the front entryway. It sets the tone the moment someone enters your home. You can purchase candles in all sizes at dollar stores, discount stores and large department stores. Choose pumpkin, cinnamon, apple pie, spice, cranberry, and other Fall-themed scents. The bonus is all of these scents tend to come in Fall colors as well.

Rather than buy just a few large candles, I find it much more effective to buy multiple smaller ones, and use them in clusters. Large candles often never make it to the bottom, and you may end up throwing out half a candle if you go for the large, dramatic ones. However, some tall tapers or pillars do make nice centerpieces for the dining room table. While you are at your dollar store, check their artificial flower department. Chances are they will have strands of Fall leaves. A couple dollars worth wrapped around and between gold, orange and red pillar candles on the table are lovely.

Remember, even if your couch, chairs and recliner in your Living Room are blue, or your dining table and kitchen are ultra modern in silver and black, use red, orange, gold and brown colors to introduce Fall into your home. You are decorating for a season.

Don’t forget to spray your lovely cinnamon or spice scented air fresheners as well. What else can you do to bring Fall into your home? Don’t forget to consider actual dried flowers and grasses, along with Fall leaves, that you can find outside. Craft stores carry a wide variety as well, if you aren’t the type to gather your own. A vase of tall, dried grasses and colored leaves makes a nice focal point.

Pumpkins of course, are another Fall favorite. Set a few on the hearth of the living room or buy small, pumpkin shaped gourds and fill a glass bowl that you place on the coffee table. Fall is in the air, and it can be in your home too, easily and affordably. Enjoy!

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