Rent To Own Furniture – Fall Fun with Furniture and Decor

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Now that summer is on it’s way out and the fall season is coming up, it’s a nice time to think about refreshing your home’s decor. It’s always nice to change the look and feel of our living space just slightly to accommodate the seasons, and it doesn’t have to break the budget at all. Here are some economical and easy fall looks and ideas to try out at your house!

Nothing says fall like dried flowers, grasses and fall foliage. If you are lucky enough to live in a region where the foliage becomes brilliant with reds, oranges and yellows at this time of year coming up, you can simply take a hike and gather some from nature. If you aren’t in a position to do this, almost all craft stores, department stores and even most dollar stores have a good supply of artificial fall-colored flowers, foliage and plants. Pick up a few bundles. A nice mix of fall foliage leaves and bright yellow flowers in a simple vase makes for a great centerpiece for the dining room table. Try a basket of leaves in a fall-toned or natural basket and place it on top of the entertainment center, hearth or coffee table to add a splash of fall color to your living room or family room. If you have end tables at either end of your sofa, a smaller arrangement can be placed here.

Once you are done with flowers and foliage, try a few fall-colored throw pillows on your sofa or easy chairs to give a fall feel to the room. Even if your sofa and recliner are in cooler tones like grays or blues, three to four throw pillows in golds, oranges or red can change the feel of the entire room. Pillows can be a bit pricey, so shop around, at discount stores or thrift shops. If you find good pillows but the coverings are worn, it’s easy to cover them. One great idea is to buy a couple inexpensive bandana style scarves or other square scarves in pretty prints and easily sew them up on your pillows, giving them a fresh new look. Imagine how pretty these will look on the recliner or side chair in your living room! You could even toss a few onto the bed in your room if you want to add a touch of fall to the bedroom.

Enjoy the coming fall season with your family, and add a touch of fall to your home decor!

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