Rent to own furniture, dinning tables and sandwiches!

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Lunch: It’s More Than Sandwiches!

When the weekends roll around and the family is all together in the house, what is your lunchtime routine? We typically think of a sandwich when it comes to lunchtime, but don’t let the constraints of deli meat and mayo keep you tied down! Rather than seat the family around the dinning table, or dining room table, why not plan a picnic for your next weekend lunch?

To take lunch in a whole new direction, serve it picnic style! Move lunch into the family room by sitting together on the couch or gathering around the coffee table together. If you wish, you can pop a family movie into the DVD player to go along with your impromptu picnic together. Or, use the time together to play some active games on the game console.

When it comes to the lunchtime menu, adding just a few new things on the menu, like rollups, rather than sandwiches, can make lunch a little more interesting and fun to enjoy together as a family. Just use all the regular sandwich fixings that your family enjoys, but rather than using them between two slices of bread, wrap them up in a flour tortilla or one of the many sandwich wraps now available in your bread aisle at the supermarket. Use mayo, mustard, or other sandwich spreads, then layer on deli meats, cheeses, and veggies, and roll up! Cut in half for easy handling, and secure with a toothpick. To accompany your rollups, try some cut up cucumber spears, baby carrots, or broccoli florets rather than chips for a healthier side dish. Cut up fresh fruit for a fruit salad or serve fruit au naturale, as a whole apple or pear or a handful of berries for a refreshing treat after the meal.

In the spirit of a healthy lifestyle, avoid adding sugary sodas or other unhealthy beverages and treats to your picnic. Use this family time as a great way to discover some new and healthy eating choices together. Maybe the family picnic gathered around the coffee table is a good time to experiment with some foods your family isn’t familiar with yet. Try kiwis, asian pears, or papaya, if they aren’t typical fare for your family. Or how about some new cheeses in your wrap sandwiches?

Remember, these experiences will stick with your children much more than you expect they will. It’s likely that they will fondly look back on family picnic time in the living room as a great childhood memory, and it’s a simple way to enjoy time together!

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