Rent To Own Furniture – Deep-Cleaning 101

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Most of us do our daily and weekly chores and cleaning duties without much thought but every once in awhile it’s a good idea to do an extra thorough cleaning job. And, for whatever reason, it seems we have designated the beginning of spring and the beginning of fall as the perfect time for these big tasks.

A true deep cleaning takes quite a bit of time, effort and elbow grease, and can be quite overwhelming to think about. One way to approach it is to break it down into rooms. Once that first room is refreshed and you take note of the difference it makes you will find yourself enthusiastic to find time for the next rooms on your list.

It’s always best to start at the top and work down. Use a long handled duster to get the blinds dusted off. Roll them up and get the windows washed well too. If your home allows it you to access your windows outside, go ahead and do the outside. If you have draperies, in the least use the hand vacuum or attachment on your floor vacuum and remove the dust that accumulates without you even seeing it. Dust the picture frames and artwork on the walls. If you have artificial plants or flowers you can dust those off, and many artificial foliage can actually be washed. Just gently swish them in a basin of warm sudsy water then rinse gently and let air dry.

Once this is all done then it’s time to move on to the furniture. For example, in the family room, move the sofa and recliner and clean thoroughly beneath them. Remove the cushions on the chairs and sofas and give them all a good vacuuming. Remove every single item from the coffee table and television stand and clean all the surfaces then clean each item before replacing it onto the furniture.

All this seems like a LOT of work, but if you get going you will see how the whole room will take on a remarkably clean and fresh feel and look. It really renews things to go the extra mile. Deep cleaning is something you can get away with skipping, for seasons, even years, and just do the regular daily and weekly chores. But going to these extra steps will not only make your room feel totally refreshed, it will help your furniture and decor last longer and stay in it’s best condition. Happy cleaning!

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