Rent to own furniture – Decorating Tricks with Paint and Color

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Decorating Tricks with Paint and Color

Using a little paint and color, almost any room can be quickly and inexpensively transformed. And, almost anybody can paint. It takes no special skill or tools, just a bucket of paint, a few brushes or rollers, and a few other essential supplies.

If the thought of painting an entire room seems daunting to you, how about an accent wall? If you have recently moved into a new house or new apartment, or perhaps you recently decided new furniture would spruce up your Living Room, dining room or Bedroom. The new couch and coffee table may look great, but does the room still need a little extra boost? How about the dining room? Does the new table and chairs make the statement you wanted it to?

Choosing to paint one wall a solid color can add a great pop of color. Although you can certainly go with a color that matches your couch, rug, recliner, etcetera, it will have more of an impact if you choose a tone several shades lighter or darker, and even more impact if you choose a complementary color. For example, if you have chosen to decorate in blues, then a wall in a warm mustard or gold could really make a nice backdrop and will make your chosen colors much more intense. To find the complementary colors for any shade, look on a standard color wheel, the colors found opposite of a color are it’s complements.

What about if you choose to decorate in earth tones? If your microfiber couch and recliner is in shades of tan and light brown, a rich cocoa colored accent wall would add a lot to your look, as would a deep gold.

Another tip is to be careful when choosing more intense colors, such as red. When these colors are painted on large spaces, they tend to be a little more intense than expected, especially for those who are not as experienced in painting and color choices. A good rule of thumb is to choose a paint swatch you like then step down one or two shades.

For those new to painting, choosing paint colors can be a little intimidating. Color choices is where many folks lose their nerve and the project never gets off the ground. Take advantage of the many home improvement, hardware and paint stores that offer test-sized containers of paint, enough to paint a good sized test area. It is often well worth spending a few extra dollars on test paint colors so that you feel confident when starting your project. When painting a test patch, aim for a middle of the wall area that will give a good feel of how that color will look.

An accent wall is a perfect way to break into painting without biting off too much at once. Be sure to tape off trim, doors, and windows properly, and use a drop cloth to protect floors. Imagine, by this time tomorrow, you could be sitting in a transformed room!

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