Rent to own furniture – Clever Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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Clever Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

If space is at a premium in your home, you may find yourself with some storage challenges, but don’t worry, there are plenty of clever ways to free up precious space and make the most of storage in any sized home.

Let’s start with the kitchen. One of the issues in a smaller kitchen are the counter top appliances we gather. So, let’s start with the hardest part of the project – take a good, hard look at each of your smaller appliances. Do you use them frequently? Or, irregularly? If you honestly use a blender, for instance, almost every day, it deserves to be on the counter top. If you use that food processor once a year at best, then it’s time to evaluate the space it takes up and either tuck it away if you feel you must, or eliminate it from your household.

Once you have eliminated the items that don’t need to be there, it’s time to get clever with your space. Look for inexpensive baskets in square or rectangular shapes. These can go on top of the refrigerator or mount onto the wall. Is there blank wall space behind the table or over the counter top? These are good places. Use your baskets for all sorts of items that need to be organized.

In the family room or living room, a coffee table that does double duty as storage is a great choice. There are many coffee table styles that are built to serve as storage as well, or you can shop the garage sales for an old trunk with a flat top for a chic coffee table look, and get the added bonus of storage inside of it.

And, just like in the kitchen, in the family room baskets are an inexpensive and easy way to organize and store. Magazine, toys, and items only used occasionally can be stored right out in site and still not look cluttered if they are organized into baskets.

How about the bedroom? Of course, underneath the bed is a great, built in storage space. Most department stores sell plastic containers meant to slide underneath a bed. The end of a full sized or queen sized bed is a good spot for a storage trunk too. Blankets, winter clothes or linens can be stored in a trunk like this.

If space is still very tight, it might be a good time to go through the dresser drawers and closets and make sure you aren’t wasting valuable space on items that you are not using. It’s just human nature to save items longer than we should, but that old, t-shirt or jeans that are two sizes too small would be better off in a donation bin than in your drawer!

Take a good look at your storage and make some easy changes to free up valuable space and enjoy your home to the max.

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