Rent To Own Furniture – Changing Seasons Inside and Out

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As we come to the beginning of Autumn, most of us reflect a little about the fact that summer is waning and the end of the green and warmth of summer is near. Even without knowing it, we too celebrate “seasons” in our personal lives, and live cyclically in many ways, repeating moods, phases, activities, and habits annually. Some of us may be somewhat aware of this, and others may totally deny that such a thing is possible — but rest assured we all do it.

For example, it’s likely as the autumn season comes in, many of us find ourselves thinking of more autumnal foods, such as roasts, baked vegetable dishes and the like. Somehow the refrigerator stops being stocked with popsicles and watermelon and starts being filled with fresh apples and potatoes. Even those of us who live in sunny climates with year-round sunshine may find themselves hankering for a tasty roasted chicken or beef dish at this time of year. It’s practically built into us!

We start to think of the upcoming holidays and almost naturally consider more indoor activities like craftwork and such, and realize it is the time of year that the garden will be put to rest for the season. It’s the time of year for sitting at the kitchen table and catching up on scrapbooking projects, or looking at yarns and materials while out shopping for future projects.

Another way we unconsciously celebrate the seasons is with scents. While lime and coconut or fresh flowery scents seem perfectly reasonable for candles and air fresheners from April through August, once the fall months come in, we suddenly veer towards cinnamon and apple scented candles on the coffee table.

We are seasonal animals and it’s fun to go ahead and embrace each season and enjoy it. Even for those living in areas without defined climate changes in each season, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the changing seasons.

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